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Olsen Farms

Olsen Farms is located in Aladdin, WA, about 20 miles north of Colville.  Brent Olsen began growing mixed vegetables on his first piece of land in the mid-90s, specializing in unique varieties of potatoes.  He soon added hay production to his operation, then cattle, lambs, and pigs.  As a small scale meat producer, Brent was happy to find Smokey Ridge, where he could have his meat processed to his own specifications under USDA inspection.  When the previous owners were ready to sell, Brent knew how important a small scale, local meat processing facility was to his own farming business and to others nearby, so he kept it going.  All of Olsen Farms meat and potatoes are direct marketed at Smokey Ridge, to restaurants and through farmers markets in the Seattle and Spokane areas.  For more information, visit

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