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Smokey Ridge Meats offers a variety of custom and USDA meat processing services including slaughter, standard paper cut & wrap, vacuum seal packaging, meat smoking (into sausages, jerkies, hams and bacons) and more. Our retail shop is also open five days a week (depending on the season) to anyone interested in purchasing locally raised meats, including beef, pork and lamb. Smoked cheeses and meat related grocery items (like our favorite sauces and rubs) are also available.  Stop by on the way to Brown's Lake and stock up on snacks and drinks!  For more specific information on the services we offer, call or email anytime:

509-935-6213 or

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Small Animals USDA & Custom (pigs, lambs, goats) - $80/head

($80 if hanging weight over 350lbs)

Large Animals USDA (beef, buffalo) - $166/head

Large Animals Custom (beef, buffalo) - $150/head

(There is an additional $50 charge for horned animals and a $30 charge if hanging weight is over 900lbs - we do not offer USDA Processing for horned animals at this time)


Prices based on hanging carcass weight

USDA Livestock Under 50lbs - $94/animal

Custom Livestock Under 50lbs - $87/animal

USDA Livestock 50-100lbs - $105/animal

Custom Livestock 50-100lbs - $98/animal

USDA Livestock Over 100lbs - $1.05/lb

Custom Livestock Over 100lbs - $0.98/lb

Wild Game Under 100lbs - $150/animal

Wild Game Over 100lbs - $1.50/lb


Vacuum Packaging of Meat (USDA or Custom) - $0.60/pkg




Seasoning of Raw Sausage (not linked) - $0.30/lb

Choose between Country, Hot Italian, or Sweet Italian

Seasoning & Linking of Raw Sausages - $3.00/lb


Bacon Curing & Smoking - $2.75/lb

Ham Curing & Smoking - $2.75/lb

USDA (Wholesale) Jerky Processing - $5.50/lb

Custom Jerky Processing - $5.50/lb

USDA (Wholesale) Pepperoni Processing - $4.50/lb

Custom Pepperoni Processing - $4.50/lb

USDA (Wholesale) Pepperoni Processing With Cheese - $4.75/lb

Custom Pepperoni Processing With Cheese - $4.75/lb

USDA (Wholesale) Sausage Processing - $4.25/lb

Custom Sausage Processing - $4.25/lb


Call or email for Smoked Product Flavor Options

Click HERE for our Customer Guidelines


Click HERE Cut Instruction Questionnaire


All prices are subject to change.  Additional charges may be applicable, which customers will be informed of prior to processing.

Shop Open Hours

Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm / Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

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